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Loving others and sharing grace outside the box in creative ways that reach perfectly imperfect people just like us.

Fields of Purpose was founded in 2017 by USAF veteran Jeffery D. Fields Jr. and USAF veteran LuCresia Blankenship-Fields as the umbrella organization that houses Empower, One More WREP, AIM, Empower Kitchen, and LB Fields. Empower is an organization focused on pushing men to courageously stand, live, and move with their God-given authority to fulfill their purpose as leaders in their homes, work places, community, and much more. One More WREP encourages women to embrace their identity and radiate purpose. Wholeness is the core foundation, and tools to reach wholeness are incorporated physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. A.I.M. (Arrows Intensive Mentoring) is an intensive youth mentoring program that focus on character development, financial literacy, goal-setting, leadership, educational growth, life skills classes, fun, and much more. Professionals from all areas will come each month for workshops and activities as well. Empower Kitchen feeds the homeless, and also implements monthly systems to provide food to community members who need some assistance and could simply use a good meal. Regular food sales are also done 2-3 days a month. LB Fields is the business that all of LuCresia Blankenship-Fields’ published works are sold under.

The Mission

Uproot barriers | Sow grace and love | Grow in purpose

How We Do It:

Public speaking
Developing programs in schools
Life Coaching Podcast
Ongoing radio show segment  (April 2019)
Youth mentoring (2020)
Culinary ministry (serving multiple populations)
Books (published by LB Fields)
Personal fitness training
Community service
Providing services for multiple community organizations serving homeless/ disadvantaged populations (2020)
Online talk show with everyday powerful men, women, and youth who impact the community  (April 2019)

The Vision

We exist to encourage people to sow their lives into their God-given purpose, and as this is accomplished the world will be graced with a harvest of God-ordained destinies.

  1. Christ is our foundation.
  2. We are committed to love and not religion.
  3. We practice servant leadership.
  4. Integrity will not be compromised.
  5. We will discipline ourselves to ensure we push the vision forward as God instructs us.
  6. Biblical, inductive, Christ-centered teaching is engrained in every facet of Fields of Purpose.
  7. We will provide physical resources within the community to meet tangible needs just as we cater to spiritual needs.
  8. Youth are a mandatory component of Fields of Purpose, and we will help shape them into who God designed them to be

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